Meeting & Society Management

About ESI Management Services

ESI Management Services assists organizations like yours in staying on top of new and emerging technology as well as staying in touch with your members. In today's rapid business environment, operating an organization is more challenging than ever. ESI Management Services is a full-service management organization that provides proficiency and focused services to professional medical societies, associations and foundations.

The phenomenal growth of non-profits, societies and associations has dramatically increased the need for effective, professional management. Traditional management solutions often result in high overhead and diminished focus on the achievement of strategic goals. Employing full-time staff, maintaining office facilities and/or operating with volunteers, who often lack time and specialized experience, can divert management's focus.

ESI Management Service offers a quality alternative to addressing day-to-day details of your operation and provides the services and resources needed by our client organizations. We are dedicated to motivating growth, creating a tangible value, and ensuring sustenance for our clients so that they may realize their fullest & most profitable potential. Our team is led by knowledgeable and experienced business professionals, who are committed to delivering unparalleled service to your organization. ESI Management Services prides itself in understanding our client's specific goals and objectives while delivering successful programs in a professional, cost-effective manner.

Admin & Development

• New Member Campaigns
• Membership Retention Campaigns
• Member Benefit Programs
• Dues Invoicing
• Database Management
• Board/Committee Recruitment & Involvement
• Oversee Project & Committee Performance
• Project Planning
• Adherence to Organizational Bylaws
• Coordination of Government Affairs 
  & Lobbying Activities


Meeting & Event Management

• Annual Meetings
• Board & Committee Meetings
• Exhibit & Trade Show Management
• Program Development
• CME Certification & Accreditation
• Contract Negotiation & Management
• Partnership Development
• Budget Preparation
• Registration & Housing
• Meeting Logistics & Onsite Management
• Syllabus Compilation
• Audio/Visual Services
• Transportation Arrangements
• Post Event Reporting


Financial Management

• Accounts Receivable / Accounts Payable
• Budgeting & Planning
• Monthly Financial Statement & Custom Reporting
• Strategic Planning
• Long-Term Goal Analysis
• Investment Strategy Development Implementation
• Insurance Policy Oversight
• Internal Auditing & IRS Reporting


Marketing & Communication

• In-House Creative Design Team
• Newsletter/Journal Design & Development
• Editorial Review
• Brochure Creation & Distribution
• E-Marketing Campaigns
• Advertising Sales
• Media Relations
• Internal Auditing & IRS Reporting
• Membership Campaigns


Web Design & Mgmt

• In-House Creative Design Team
• Website Design, Construction & Management
• Webinars
• Secure Online Meeting Registration
• Secure Online Dues Collection
• Online Surveying
• Domain Registration & Web Hosting
• In-House Video Production
• Safeguarding & Backup of Data



Central Office Facilities

• Unique, dedicated phone & fax lines
• Rapid response to member inquiries
• Policy & Procedures Development & Implementation
• Central File System
• Shipping & Receiving